Pull String Pinatas


To complete this project you will need a pair of scissors and school glue.

1) Cut a 3″x3″x3″ flap on bottom of piñata, as close to center as possible. Perforate two small holes in middle of flap.

2) From the inside, attach the piñata trap activator to flap, bring ribbon out of piñata.

3) Close


Spongebob squarepants Pull Pinata
Price: $22.49
Ladybug Pull String Pinata
Price: $18.99
Thomas The Tank 3D Pull Pinata
Price: $22.49
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Abby Cadabby 3D Pull String Pinata
Price: $22.99
Despicable Me 2 Drum Pull PopOut Pinata
Price: $21.01
Bubble Guppies PullString Pinata
Price: $27.01
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